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Papers on Game Programming

From time to time, I have found many papers around the net about Game Programming, with particular focus on the game of Othello and on search techniques. Many of them are short papers, about 7-12 pages, others are complete thesis with in depth coverage of specific topics.

The best way to get a selection of these papers is to download this zip file. Keep in mind that the papers are in Postscript or Acrobat format, so you need the proper readers, like for example GhostView and Acrobat Reader.

When you unzip the file you will find that the files has a very strange names, this because I have preferred to leave such names unchanged with respect the original ones. In such way will be easy, if you surf the net, to check if a found paper is already on the list or if it is a new one.

If you want to search yourself the net to find papers on Game Programming, I suggest to you to start from this sites:

Aske Plaat's Publications

Annotaed Bibliography of Othello Programming - by Robert Gatliff

Bibliography on Machine Learning in Strategic Game Playing - publications list

Louis Victor Allis's Publications

Mark G. Brockington's Publications

Michael Buro's Publications

Papers on Jay Scott's Machine Learning on Games pages - no more updated since 2002

A very interesting and well written book is the one by Jonathan Schaeffer, the creator of Chinook, the strongest draughts program in the world. This book is entitled "One Jump Ahead" and it is the story of Chinook project.

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