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Last Updated on 2008, May 18th

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What's New Last updating on these pages, sorted by time
Game Programming Links Some interesting links about strategic game programming
Other Games Links Some links to other popular games
Othello Analysis Some analisys over a lot of Othello games played from time to time on the Internet and in different official tournaments
Othello Links A quite big section, with a lot of stuff about Othello on the Internet, including Personal Pages, Associations and Games Archives
Othello Programs Links to the best Othello programs available on the Internet
Othello Rules, Strategy and Tactic Links to articles, books, and other stuff about Othello rules, strategies and tactics
Othello World Championships A list of all the Othello World Championships since 1977. Some links are available for the most recent Championships
Papers on Game Programming My personal collection of papers on Strategic Games Programming. Most are in Acrobat or Postscript format. Available as a ZIP file.
TooThought! The best section ! You can download for free my personal Othello program called TooThought!
TooThought! FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about TooThought! usage
TooThought! FFO Test TooThought! results on the famous FFO Endgame Test
TooThought! Evaluation Functions Information and results about the different evaluation functions, linear and neural network based, available with TooThought!
TooThought! Mistakes Results Starting from version 2.7, TooThought! introduces a "mistake function" to allow it to play in a more human-like fashion. Here some results comparing different mistakes strategies and values versus a no-mistakes player
TooThought! Text-toSpeech and Voice Recognition Starting from version 3.0, TooThought! introduces Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition functionalities using the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1. Using this functionalities, TooThought! will talk to You and You will able to control TooThought! using Your voice
Take a look to my photos collection This section includes some of my personal photos (well, I'm a beginner, so the photos are nothing of special...)

What's new

Last updates on these pages

Updated Othello World Championship - released on 05/18/2008

TooThought! 3.3 - Patch 1 - released on 12/08/2005

Updated TooThought! games database - released on 10/14/2005

TooThought! 3.3 - released on 03/06/2005

Updated Othello Links section - released on 02/11/2005

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