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Othello rules, strategy and tactics

Othello is an ancient game, well characterizd by the maxim "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master". The game is quite simple to play, all that you need is a 8x8 board and a set of discs with a double face, one black and the other white. Unfortunately, as the maxim says, the semplicity of the game quickly disappear whent you want to play at the higher levels.

The best way to get to know something about Othello is to read the rules of the game and then, when you have assimilated such rules, read some papers about strategy and tactics, like the following I have found in the net:

Mobility - by David J. Summers

Othello Rules

Othello Strategy Guide - by Emmanuel Lazard, translated by Colin Springer. A PDF version can be found here

Opening Strategy - by George Ortiz

Othello Animated Openings - not in english, but the only one I'have found

Official Beginners Section - by different authors

Othello - various articles - by Italian Federation - in italian

Othello Wiki Book Project - by the joint community of Othello players

Perfect Timing - by Michael Handel

There are also some books regarding Othello you can buy:

Othello - by Augusto Brusca, Alessandro Maccheroni and Luigi Puzzo - Edizioni Malvarosa

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