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FTP Sites

Games archive


Organizations and Federations

Othello Game Distributors

Personal Pages

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FTP Sites

Igor Durdanovic

Federatione Nazionale Gioco Othello

Games archive

GGS Games - this is a replacement for old IOS games format. Look here for information

IOS Games - on November 1999 IOS Server has been substituted by GGS Server.

Thor database - managed by Marc Tastet


Board Game Central - good starting point for board games, with an Othello section

Castle Othello Online

GamesTalks - a site with many games information, including an Othello section

Mattel Othello Site - by the official distributor of the game

Mind Sports Worldwide - organizer of the well known Mind Sports Olympiads

OthBase - a multi-platform program to analyse games database - by Fabrice Di Meglio

Othello Blog

Othello Central

Othello Gateway - lot of information, including Othello Blogs

Othello Endgame Test Suite, described in the Gunnar Andersson's Othello pages

Othello for Palm Pilot - an Othello program for Palm Pilot.

Othello Forum - a good site where discuss about Othello game

Othello Four - an Othello variant where there are four player on each game

Othello Links - by Bluez

Othello Match of the Year - Takeshi Murakami vs. Logistello

Othello News

Othello Openings - by The Netherlands Othello Federation

Othello University - good starting point for Othello beginners

The Othello Guide - by Jon Jonasson

Othello Game Distributors



Tsukuda - in japanese

Organizations and Federations - here another list

Australian Othello Federation

British Othello Federation

Canadian Othello Federation

Czechoslovakia Othello Federation

Chinese Othello Federation

Danish Othello Federation

Dutch Othello Federation

Federazione Nazionale Gioco Othello

Federazione Nazionale Gioco Othello - North-East District

French Federation of Othello

International Internet Othello Association - broken link

Hong Kong Othello Federation

Japanese Othello Federation

Othello Association of Singapore

Othello Deutschland Club

Russian Othello Federation

Swedish Othello Federation

The Netherlands Othello Federation

United States Othello Association

Personal pages

Akira HASEGAWA - mainly in Japanese, but with interesting openings section

Benedetto Romano - author of Saio Othello program. Now You can view online the Saio openings book (registration is needed)

Biagio Privitera

Bruno de la Boisserie

Claudio Signorini - with a very good Othello interactive tutorial

Colin Springer

David Summers

Dmitriy Iassenev - author of Virtual Othello program

Donato Barnaba

Eduard Tabara

Fabien Letouzey - author of Snail and Turtle Othello programs

Frank den Haan

Goran Andersson

Gunnar Andersson - author of Zebra Othello program

Hugo Calendar

Ieuan Willis - author of Tadpole Othello program

Igor Durdanovic - author of Kitty Othello program - alternate address is here

Itamar Faybish - Othello program that uses genetic algorithms

Joel Feinstein

Jon Jonasson - very good site, including openings, tricks&traps and strategy sections

Jonathan Mendelson

Luca Colao

Michael Buro - author of Logistello Othello program

Michael Handel

Olivier Casile - author of Forest Othello program

Paolo Fasce

Philip Johnston

Reversi Freaks

Robert Gatliff

Roy Arnold

Ryan Matreyek

Stephen Swolley

Tatsuya & Atsuko Mine

Tetsuya Nakajima

Thierry Bousch

Thomas Wolfe

Play on line

Derivative Reversi Server

Desdemona - a good interactive Othello program

GGS Server - a replacement for IOS Server. You can also use it with this applet

Internet Gaming Zone

IOS Server - discontinued on November 1999

Japanese IOS Server



VINCO OnLine Games

Yahoo Games


Richard A. Delorme Endgame Solver - C code for an Othello End Game Solver

Chris Welty's Othello Development Kit - includes a C++ interface to allow a program to play on GGS server

Valery ClaudePierre's Othello Endgame Solver - Abyss 32 - includes source code

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