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Here some frequently asked questions about TooThought!. You are kindly invited to send me a mail with Your suggestions so I can update the list in the best possibile way.

On which platforms TooThought! can runs ?

Windows environments. The program has been developed and tested only in Windows NT 4.0 (with fixpack 5.0) and Windows 2000 Professional (up to service pack 4) and Windows XP (up to service pack 2). It run also in Windows 95/98 and ME, but is important to note that I had never tested the program in such environments. To be noted that some users reports problems in the user interface under Windows 98 environment.

Is it possibile to see what the effect of a move will be ?

Yes. When is Your turn to move, move the mouse pointer over a legal move position (indicated by a green cross as a mouse pointer) and then press and hold down the "ctrl" key to see how the board wiil be if the chosen move is played. Releasing the "ctrl" key will revert back the board.

Is it possibile to play a game with a random opening of a given length ?

Yes. Open the "Book" dialog, choose the opening length and then select the check box "Set default". Close the dialog using the "Ok" button. From now on, each time a new game is started, a random opening of given length will be generated according to the random strategy specified in the same dialog (You can choose between a "pure random" opening or a "random-from-book" opening). To stop this feature, You have to open the dialog again and deselect the check box. When random opening is enabled, the "New" button, and the correspondent popup menu item, are always enabled, so You can repeatedly request for a new game until the generated opening is of Your liking.

Is it possibile to play a game starting with a given board configuration ?

Yes. Enter in the "Drawing Mode" and define the board configuration as You want. When You have finished, You can play a game starting from the configuration You have just drawn.

Is it possible to close/hide some of the windows and toolbars ?

Yes. You have to click with the right mouse button over one of the black square at the corners of the board and, in the opened pop-up menu, select the "Windows" or "Toolbars" item and choose wich window/toolbar You want to hide or show.

Is it possible to close all toolbars and still play TooThought ?

Yes. Clicking with the right mouse button over the board will open a pop-up menu which offers the same options available in the toolbars.

Which games are included in the available Games Database Files ?

Actualy there are four different games archives:

Who is Andrea Zinno ?

A 47 years old man, working in Oracle as an Account Manager in the Sales Division. Married with a son and a daughter. Living in Rome and keen on cooking and reading.

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